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Nepal, an enchanting nation, boasts a landscape of remarkable beauty, while approximately 70% of its population resides in rural regions. The educational paradigm remains confined within traditional classroom settings, relying on the age-old tools of chalk and duster. In 2022, Hupen emerged in Tikot Village, introducing a transformative model centered on Learning, Thinking, and Growth. Our fundamental mission is to enhance educational accessibility in Nepal by providing free, high-quality education. With an unwavering focus on developing enriching educational content, we are committed to empowering learners with boundless opportunities.

The Hupen is maintained and continuously improved by a team of volunteers.
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Our Mission

To create value – each day, every day – as we build an equal and accessible learning environment for all. The Hupen’s mission is to redefine how the world learns through relentless effort and innovation, breaking the barriers to quality education, and helping to build a learning ecosystem that will create leaders of tomorrow.


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